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Kitty tutoring at Sidmouth Folk Festival

Shropshire  UK

 Tel: 01584 841564 

Fiddle tutor for Sidmouth & Shrewsbury Folk Festivals

Using creative and original teaching methods I help my students progress and succeed but, most of all, to enjoy their music-making!

Hello, I'm Kitty,

a classically-trained musician with a love of traditional folk music.

It's never too late to learn an instrument.  Adults, with their enthusiasm and dedication to learning, are often my most successful students. 


Brilliant... anyone starting out with fiddle playing really couldn't have a better introduction than Kitty's teaching.

Sue H

Sidmouth Festival workshop participant

Folk Fiddle




Classical violin

Music theory

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Live in my studio, or online

tuition -beginner

No previous musical knowledge or experience is needed.  I'll guide you through the basics, developing technique and musicianship through an enjoyable repertoire of traditional tunes.  I can even lend you an instrument for your first few lessons! 

“I’ve always thought music was closed off to me, like a different language, but now you’ve opened it up and I can learn something I thought was out of my reach”
-  Subhania, Shrewsbury Folk Festival

Live in my studio, or online


Perhaps you've already had some lessons or know a few tunes but can't seem to bring them to life? I'll show you how to play with greater flair and confidence, including ornamentation, bowing patterns, phrasing and improved technique.

Lessons are a great introduction to traditional music for the classically-trained. Whatever your starting point, you'll be inspired with a refreshing and infectious repertoire of jigs, reels, airs and hornpipes from Britain and around the world.

In my studio


'Music first' is my approach to teaching piano.  Students learn to play interesting and fun pieces from day one with technique and music-reading following along the way.  Playing piano is a great way to learn about music in a broader sense.  Lessons include improvisation, jazz and chord patterns - alongside Bach, Mozart and a huge variety of contemporary compositions. 

And it's never too late to learn.  Older beginners are amongst the most highly-motivated and successful students.  I pride myself on taking a personal approach, planning lessons according to individual strengths and interests. 

Live in my studio, or online


I play a standard two-row DG melodeon and 30 button anglo-concertina.  Beginners will learn to play by ear as this is the best way to gain fluency and musicality.  Videos and recordings will help you remember the tunes and techniques from each lesson. Music-reading can be introduced further down the line if you wish.
learning doesn't end when you leave my studio

I arrange regular events & workshops - even festivals - where you can enjoy sociable ensemble playing, build your musicality and meet like-minded musicians.

lesson prices
Live lessons:  £35/hour

Online lessons: £30 (50 mins)


study notes and personalised learning resources

(recordings, video demonstrations and sheet music)

all included in the fee. 


A professional musician with over 30 years experience teaching both folk and classical music. Kitty's online music sessions and workshops attract an international following.

Kitty lives in the village of Diddlebury, Shropshire, UK, where she gives lessons in violin, piano, melodeon, concertina and music theory.


Kitty studied Music & Performance at Leeds University: BA(Hons), holds a Post-graduate Certificate of Education (University of East Anglia) and is an Associate of the London College of Music.

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