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To our Online Steady Speed Sessions

Throughout the year 2020 I couldn't meet any of my students in person. So, with my partner Garry, I started the online steady speed sessions.  They allow all abilities of player a chance to join with others, to play our wonderful repertoire of traditional music. 

  18 months on, when I finally got to hear my students play live again, even I was stunned by their improvement during lockdown. 
It proved what I had always preached -

Play slower to get better,  faster!

We've been asked to continue our online sessions post-lockdown - and we invite you to join in with the magic of our

 Slow Music Movement

playing slowly will...

* help you master your instrument

* deepen your appreciation & understanding of music

* give you time to consider every note -  its tone, intonation, dynamics.

Every note counts.


before each session you receive...

* our Irish Tunebook as a pdf download, containing more than 50 popular Irish tunes.

* mp3 audio files of the tunes played really slowly

* the playlist for each session a week in advance - plenty of time to practice

then on the night...

* a gentle stretch - each tune played once through slowly, then slightly faster second & third time

* insights and expert technical tips for bringing the music to life

* a workout - we end each session with a 'fast blast' through a tune or two.  You like a challenge!

* a warm welcome from our multinational audience


we promise you'll play slowly... and get better, faster!

We're taking a break from Zoom for the summer festival season. Can't wait to see everyone in September '22...

Hope you can join us!